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My 82 year old father has woken 2 times from drug induce coma and has not spokem

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My father was found unconscious at the mall and within the 3 to 5 minute range cpr was doing to him until the emts arrived. They used the new machine that does the compressions for u. He came back quickly and blood pressure and heart rate good but was on a ventilator. He was treated with hypothermia therapy and after the 24 hours they warmed him up and he woke up. They were putting him back to sleep because the ventilator was still in and they needed to do a heart catj. Heart cath looks good and they are going to put in a pacemacker and defibrillator. They woke him up tuesday...he was found friday. They seemed to think he doesnt have brain dmage but when he woke up the second time after the took the ventilator off he if responding to comands but not talking. How long does it take to talk after they wake up. I has been in a drug induced comma since friday only woke a few times a was so agitated they had him back cause they want his heart to rest. My question how long should we what to see if he talks i dont want him to be like for however long is pacemaker will let himive but if he is going to be okay i want to do the sugery as soon as possible

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So sorry to hear about Your father. My husband had two brain haemorrhages a year apart and a coma after each one. Waking up from the coma was different both times. the first time he was in a coma for over a month - they tried waking him up several times early on, but he became very agitated. When he did eventually Wake up, he was "weird", had his eyes open but didn't seem to see us or know what was going on, then suddenly he was "back". He was very hard to understand, but knew who we were, what was going on etc. The second coma was "only" a few weeks. However he hardly said anything when he came out of that perhaps just a Word or two and it was a couple of weeks before I was convinced that he knew who we were. He gradually started talking more but even after a few months wasn't saying much and the road back was a lot longer and slower. He was 56 and 57.

For Your dad it's going to be hard at his age. It's a slow process though, however he does it. It's reassuring that he's responding to commands. It's been a few days since you wrote Your post so there could have been some big changes, but keep on talking to him, tell him about Your day, be reassuring and be patient. And very important - please look after yourself, too.

I was in a medically induced coma for a month and even when I came out went through ICU Delirium. Don’t worry if he acts wierd. See

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