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2nd Coma In Two Years

In late 2016 my partner was in a coma for 4 days with encephalitis on his brain. He woke up and really recovered a-lot more and a-lot better than we ever thought possible. Saturday though I took him to AandE as after build up fluid on his stomach over Christmas he was struggling to breathe. (I should point out at this stage we took him to his GP just after Christmas but was simply referred to his consultant for an appointment next week. He was responsive until Tuesday when he rapidly became very confused and eventually fell into a coma, diagnosed with hugely high ammonia levels (his were 2000 and they should be 40). They sedated him to keep him safe whilst he started to react to treatment but he has no sedation since yesterday morning. For one I cannot help comparing the two experiences so it would be wonderful if people could tell its perfectly possible he will still wake up and be fine but also anyone with any experience of hepatic encephalothopy some positive stories would be amazing.

Thank you.

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