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ICU Patients Needed for Research Study

Seeking former and current ICU patients admitted into the ICU more than 48hrs and within 3 to 6 months after discharge. Must be 1i to 70 years old and able to read and write in the English language. The study title is to investigate the effect of nurse-patient communication and other predictors of quality of care provided to patients in the ICU. To participate in the study, please go to the following website to complete the survey:

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Should you need help with your research you could approach ICUsteps who have volunteer ex-patients and family who are happy to help. Please email me at research@


Hello, yes. I am seeking help with former ICU patients to participate in my research study regarding nurse-patient communication and other predictors of quality care to patients in the intensive care unit. Your help and assistance will be greatly appreciated. Weblink to participate in the


I am ineligible to apply for this as my experience was a decade ago. I have taken part in a number of projects and remember the emotions it evoked - often very painful; if ICU care is going to improve for those who have yet to go through it I feel we have an obligation to participate if possible.

The researchers I have worked with were fantastic and did their best to grasp what we have been through and were also enlightened and educated by the discussions.


Thank you and please if you know anyone who have been in the ICU and is eligible to participate, please refer them to the website to fill out the survey.


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