I had a urinary catheter placed in ICU whilst I was unconscious. Who would have put it there a nurse or a doctor? I find it all very disturbing

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  • Hello IFEEK ,

    It is perfectly normal to have a urinary catheter while in ICU. Either a Nurse or Doctor would have put it in. They put mine in while I was in Ressus and I kept it the whole time I was in ICU (2 weeks) They have to keep monitoring your liquid input and output to see if it works well and it's a lot easier to manage than wearing a pad.. Especially when the patient is sedated/unconscious .I know I remember thinking it was a good thing not long feel like "I had to go.." all the time ! But equally it felt good to have it finally taken out.

    All the best.

  • Mine was always painful, but in the short term and was equally relieved to have it finally removed.

  • Mine was put in by a senior nurse before I went into ICU It was a little embarrasing but I was in no postion to argue as I could not get out of bed or move much anyway. I was in ICU 32 days. Very strange when It was removed and I went to a ward?

    Be Well

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