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Friends daughter out of coma and friend still fighting for his life after cardiac arrest

Hi Everyone

Just got back from visiting Annie on the high dependency ward and I have more good news to tell you all on her condition. This afternoon, Annie woke up from her coma that has lasted 6 weeks today. i and her dad Gareth were with her and we are both over the moon.

She suffered TBI's, two fractures to her skull, neck and lower back.

Wish I could give you all better news on Mark's condition but I can't yet as there is still no change in his condition yet. It is now day 11 since he suffered the hypoxic brain injury. The main thing is he is still fighting to stay with us and that is what is keeping us all positive that he will get better soon.

Even everyone I know at church I go to are also praying for Annie's and Mark's recovery and they also gave me a get well soon gift for Annie and Mark, which I thought was very kind of them all.

Will keep you all updated as soon as there's any change in Annie's or Mark's condition.


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