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We are so grateful!!!

I haven't posted for a couple of months since my husband came home but I wanted to say to everyone who helped us threw it thankyou!!! And to everyone sitting in icu with a loved one or getting threw your ordeal after being there... There is always hope miracles do happen everyday and even the oldest Of doctors and nurses can be shocked Dailey by the strength of the human body & mind have faith keep hope and keep smiling after being told 3 times my husband won't make it as I type me my husband and our two children are snuggled on the sofa eating popcorn watching toy story lol... We had a happy ending and I wish you all yours xxxx

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Glad we were able to provide some support and share in your positive outcome. Even after discharge, the road to full recovery is a long one but the hard first step is over.


Wonderful news *goosebumps* xx


So pleased to hear your good news ! Always have hope,on your long journey to recovery for you all,so pleased you found this web site x


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