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Writing things down while asleep!

I don't know if anyone has experienced this but here's my account of it. I am normailly on a daily basis, a load of strong opiates for pain control (Tapentadol and Gabapentin). Apparently, cos I can't remember doing it, I was signing with my hands, the name of my son. The nurse looking after me brought me a pad and pen. I was communicating/ answering questions with the nurse and my mother via scribblings on the pad. I was anxious about my little boy who lives with his Mother( we're divorced) who I was meant to see, but I was taken ill and vented. I was out of it on Ketamine and 'asleep' when I was doing thw scribbling. I know I was scribbling as I my Mum told me later when I was home. When I was asleep, I 'heard' entire Queen albums playing my head. Its truly AMAZING what the human subconscious is capable of. After the tube was out I asked the Nurse why my Aunite was simultaneuously visiting every patient on the Unit. I 'saw and heard' her at every bedside. Weird!?!?

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Wow that is so weird how you were so alert in your mind! And still communicating whilst asleep amazing story!hope you are feeling a lot better x


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