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Changing times

I was lucky enough to be a guest speaker at the first ever ICUsteps Conference this week, giving a patients view of how a critical illness impacts on your life and that of your families, It was an amazing experience telling my personal story to 200 delegates, mainly health care professionals along with some ex-patients & relative.

With some distinguished speakers in the field of intensive care, looking for change in the way patients are treated after discharge, often left with little support and wondering what happened to them while in ICU.

I'm glad to say that from some of the comments I received are that people are starting to listen to the ICUsteps message, which will hopefully mean more support groups around the country to join the existing 15 already established.

If we all work together, health care professionals, patients & relatives we can make things change for the better.

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I was so glad that I went and admired the contribution of all who presented, but particularly the patients.

It isn't easy to talk about our experiences one to one, but to do that publicly was tremendous.

I am inspired to set up a support group in my area and use my own experiences to help improve the journey for others who have been through the same harrowing episodes.

Thank you to the organisers and to all who attended.

It was an important day for us all.


I have to agree with you both. It was an inspiring day and it seems like there will be pressure for it not just to be a one-off. There's certainly a niche for an annual conference focused on critical care patient rehabilitation. I know how difficult it is speaking publicly anyway, but when it's about such a deeply personal issue, it's harder still. You should both be very proud of your accomplishments. Well done - you really helped personalise the struggle we face in surviving critical illness to the many healthcare professionals who were there and I'm sure it will help improve their practice as a result.


i was so lucky to have been a part of an amazing day. I was a patient two years ago and my love and support i had after from family and all I.C.U. in coventy was so important in my recovery. These support groups are so important i still need them so much and the whole day we all spent together showed me that i will never be alone getting through problems questions and everything was so amazing. Going through personal problems at the moment which makes me even more involved with the aftercare of I.C.U. but what lovely speakers, nurses, doctors and all patients and i did get to meet the fabulous Peter and his lovely wife. thankyou to everyone at the conference that made me feel iam normal xxx


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