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Iodine & Hyperthroidism


I've an overactive thyroid, and I'm looking for some advice. I've not posted on here for ages, as I've been trying to deal with other health issues & my thyroid problems have taken a bit of a back seat as my levels were settled. However since February, they've gone a bit crazy. My blood pressure went through the roof, so I'm now on Beta Blockers to help with that & at the same time, my thyroid levels started to creep up again. So I went from 5mg to 10mg. My GP hoped that would only be for a short time, its not worked & I'm now on 15mg. But I'm not feeling great, so I'm not sure the 15 is working too well either. I'm feeling a bit "Jiddery". I've been recovering from an op, so my general health has been suffering and I thought taking supplements would help. although I was looking at the ingredients of the A-Z pills I've been taking & the iodine is 100% of my daily intake. Is that bad? Does that affect my thyroid? Should I stop taking them?

I've been googling & trying to work out if I should stop taking them & I found this website, and there's a lot of things on here that I eat, that I obviously shouldn't. So I'm going to study this & see what I shouldn't be eating. But if anyone can help with what I should do with respects to Iodine & my supplements, I'd be so grateful.


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