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Numb Tum

Hi Ladies

I'm now 8weeks post op-TAH & my pains & numbness in my stomach are changing weekly now.I often feel like a pulling twisting feeling in my left & right side but what's concerning me more is the numbness in my stomach.I still havnt got any feeling in my stomach from the tummy button downwards & above this is quite tender to the touch  like a sore bruise.

Anyone else feel like this after a abdominal hysterectomy/ovaries removed???

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Hi suzieboo

I'm nearly 4 months post TAH/BSO and I still have numb tummy. you are still quite recent but I have been advised by GP can take 6 - 12 months to regain complete feeling. You are still healing and tummy is protecting internal organs.  You will still be sore but this will lessen once you start moving more. I still swell by the end of the day and sometimes still have to wear support tummy band. It's a long process but don't get despondent.

Best wishes x


Hi Catspelle

Four months post op could I ask you how you are feeling & types of pains you are experiencing?

Have you returned to work yet?How are you doing exercise wise? - I'm staring to walk abit further but still havnt walked my dogs yet as I often get that twisting feeling I described in my last post & im frightened if they pull I might damage stitches inside !

Did you choose HRT? How are you coping ?

Sorry if I sound abit intrusive but I don't have anyone else who has been through this & advise from hospital/Dr is just a rough guide given to ladies who have had op done lap/viginal & not always TH.

Kind regards x



I'm ok. I'm struggling with HRT and hoping to get my doseage increased this week hopefully then will feel a lot better!

I do quite a lot of exercise. I walk my dogs 2/3 times a day depending if I'm at work. One of them pulls but I have him on a long lead and I'm far enough ahead in my recovery for it not to damage me. I also swim and do Pilates every other day. I've not had any trouble from exercising apart from horse riding which was a step too far! I started my exercises at 5 weeks following a you tube video by fitness blender for post abdominal surgery. It's Pilates based to start improving the core and I recommend it. I also started daily walks (didn't take dogs til about 6 weeks) increasing distance every day.

I am back at work doing reduce hours about 4 hours every day sometimes at home sometimes in the office. I do get tired though not fall asleep tired but just exhausted. I'm going on holiday next week and flying which GP agreed then will build my hours back up to full time gradually.  I've also driven a 2 hour car journey with no trouble. I had full 3 months off work.

HRT wise I'm now on Estraderm mx 50 which will increase to 70. GP wanted me to stay on this does for 6 weeks which I've done but no improvement still hot flushes/nausea etc...I'm only 45 myself so chose HRT and prefer patches to oral. I'm asking to go up to mx 75 and for a referral to,private hrt specialist as my go knows about as much about HRT as I do! 

It's a long road to recovery for total abdominal hysterectomy. There are lots of women who have had vaginal or Laproscopic talking about how well they feel etc but it's NOT the same. My tummy still swells and I gebpains at the side where the weight of it sort of flaps over that's when I use my support.

It's still early days for you remember it was major surgery. I'm glad I had mine done and I feel better for it but now I want to feel GOOD hence trying to get my HRT right.

Ask away any questions. You ightnlike to look at the hysterectomy association website where they have forums for each month so you can see where people are in their recovery we had the op same time as you but remember the caveat between types of surgery.

Best wishes x



It sounds like you have done really well,you sound very active I'm so pleased for you xxx

I only started hrt 6 weeks post op as I couldn't stand the symptoms anymore.I too was on Estraderm mx 25 patches but after 2 weeks of no sleep grumpiness & tearful I went back to the GP & asked to up dosage I'm now on Elleste Solo mx40 patches & was told to give it at least 6weeks.So far the sweats have become less often but still intense that's about it so I will be back in 6weeks if it continues as it is.

Do you still get any niggles in your sides other than what you said,I think it may be where my ovaries have been.I have a dent either side of my stomach  & this is where I get quite a lot of my twisting & pain.If I'm on my feet a lot pottering on the pain then goes down into my bottom  & down my legs sometimes as far as my knees.I do suffer from Sciatica & don't know if it's just that or post op.

Thank you I  will take a look on you tube at the exercises but the information sheet from the hospital some of the pelivic exercises causes pains & I don't know if I should be pushing myself or stopping when I feel pain or am I just being a big softie-any advise would be greatly appreciated.

I think I'm just so frightened of doing any damage however I do want to get moving more.

Many thanks




I think you are right where you should be this stage in your recovery!

I don't tend to get any other pains other than those described. Your stomach and other organs will still be healing and moving to readjust to the albeit small gap where your female organs were.  The 'dip' might disappear as your swelling goes down.  Some of the pain you get will actually be 'healing' pains.  I know it sounds odd but that's what my GP told me.  Everything is knitting back together you are bound to feel it.

If you are exercising you may get some discomfort but it should NOT be pain.  If you do the you tube video you will feel it working your core but it should not hurt.  Working on your core I found helped me with my posture which might help with the pains you are getting.  I find it beneficial to do something every day but only at the limit of what you fell you can do as only you know your body.  You are fine to start exercising after the 6 week point.  It might feel a slow recovery (it is!) and you cant get ahead of yourself but you CAN help yourself with gentle exercise.

You are doing fine.  Small steps.

All the best x


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