A strange immune anomaly

I have just been diagnosed with Hughes Syndrome in the last 2 months. I am 48 yo. Have many of the general symptoms so I won't go into detail here, but it occurred to me as I laid in the hospital for the last 25 out of 30 days, I wonder if that Rubella Titer is due to this.

Everytime for my physicals for pregnancies or work physicals they would always do a rubella (measles) titer and it would always show that I was not immune, so when I wasn't pregnant, they would give a rubella vaccine. The next year I'd have my work physical, and again, I was non immune. I even had both kinds of measles as a child. I know sometimes this disease can mess with the syphyllis test, just wondere dif anyone else had come across this anomaly with the rubella.

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  • Not sure if this would cause a false negative as the APS antibodies usually cause false positives.

    The rubella vaccine is known to be not so effective and this is actually a pretty common occurence in the general public from what I understand. For some reason people just don't seem to hold immunity to it.

  • I am taking years ago but the same happened to me with all three of my pregnancies. I was given the jab while pregnant and then after the birth was found not to be immune so given it again and this also happened for the 2 miscarriages I ended up in hospital for, Id never thought about it being conected to APLS. Nice research project for someone !!

  • Hi Ohiorose,

    welcome to the group, we will be happy to answer any of your questions, i have an auntie who has the same issue as you she does not have APS but the vaccinne is not effective something to do with her Antibodies i will speak to her because she has not done anything diffrent but have the vacination every year.


  • It might be when you were first exposed to rubella (whether by vaccine or for real) your body made a mistake making the antibodies. So now when your body recognises the rubella virus/vaccine it makes the dud antibodies?

    I know someone who had chicken pox 7 times - once as a child and then every time his 6 children got it - he was told this is what had happened -he was making antibodies but they were not effective ones...

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