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Full moon, does it effect you ?

This maybe daft it probably is.On thursday my INR was 3.7 good for me so I found it difficult to understand why I had such a bad day yesterday, Forgot where to turn my husbands radio off in his car, and worse things.

The only diferrence I noticed that there was a Full moon I think on Wednesday ? Thursday can't remember exactly I just wondered if anyone else might be worse when there is a full moon

Their is quite a lot on the web site about the moons effects,

Love Karen xx

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Hi Karen

I don't know if it's the moon, maybe the moons effect on tides and therefore air pressure. Thus the effect on weather. Pretty sure air pressure affects me, headaches etc. Cold aggrevates joints and raynauds!!

I don't know if that makes sense, hope so.

I hope you well today.

Take care gentle hugs sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Hi Karen

It was a full moon on Thursday. My mum has advanced dementia and is in a residential home and the residents there are always far more agitated on a full moon. So in answer to your question, I would say yes, the moon certainly plays with our moods at least.

Sue x x


yes, i think the moon has a great influence on us - and fish! hope you are feeling better now.


Hi, I'm not normally someone who thinks they are affected by the moon, but you hit a nerve with me. I had a really bad day on Thursday and said to my wife that I couldn't understand why as I had my INR checked that day and it was 3.7! Maybe the moon does affect us more than I thought.......


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