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inr fluctuations and headaches

Did my weekly test on Friday and inr was 3.8 which it has been around for a couple of months. Today I woke up with a thumper of a headache and so tested for interest and it was 3.5. Not much of a difference I know but does anyone else notice such small fluctuations?

I also suffer tense stiff neck sometimes which can bring on a headache but also wonder if it can work the other way round as I feel much more tense when I do have a headacne.

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Your headache could be totally unrelated to your INR this time or indeed to do with your neck stiffness. You could have a viral infection or a chill as the weather has been very changeable the last few days. I know its really easy for us always to jump to the conclusion that it is to do with our APS but perhaps it is something completely unrelated.

Sorry you are feeling so unwell. Just rest up and take some pain relief and hopefully things will improve. x


hi i get specific pain left temple which relates to inrs below 3 above 3 and higher end of 3 i am much better. I agree with above esp with the colder weather and chills.... take care kx


I get headaches when I sleep funny and my neck gets stiff. I don't find that my headaches are associated with my INR.


Hi Caroliine

When I was on Warfarinb (now on Fragmin) I used to get bad headaches when my INR was below about 3.2.

Best wishes.



My headaches are better over 3.2, but my INR swings between that and 2.8 often every couple of days. Once under 3 my headache returns as does brain fog, feeling sluggish, sight problems the works really. Right now at the age of 50 I am sure my hormones are to blame as my life generally is quite balanced.


Seems to be my story. I have very similar symptoms when my iNR is too high or too low. I seem to be my best around the 2.2- 2.6 range. Recently I experienced a severe headaces, with what felt like I had a some sort of veil over the right eye. Along with this I had GI problems, brain fog, and at times I felt like I was mumbling when speaking. I had what felt like pins and needles in my hands and feet and felt totally uncoordinated when walking or just doing simple tasks. This lasted for about 1 week. Fortunately, I was due for an INR check around the end of that week. Turns out my INR was 3.2. The docs had me reduce the dosage by one 1 mg for 2 days and then alternate ( 8/7 mg.). 2 days later I was perfectly fine - went cycling for over 2 hours! When my INR is below 2.2, I seem to have similar symptoms as previous testing have shown. It maybe how my body metabolises the medication and of course any deviation from my diet.



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