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Sunday Mail Scotland - this Sunday 27th May 2012

Hi All

Just to let you know that there should be a feature on HS in the Sunday Mail in Scotland this weekend.

The Sunday Mail has the biggest readership in Scotland and this story is one of the most traumatic I've ever had to deal with - it still stays with me even though it all happened a couple of years ago. Extremely distressing (even the journalist told me she was traumatised!) but guaranteed to get people's attention.

I will put a link up to it on Facebook once it's published but, if you're in Scotland, you might want to buy a copy of the Sunday Mail ...

Thank you, thank you to Suzanne Wilson for being so brave and still wanting to raise awareness to stop this happening to other people. True hero!

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Thank you for alerting us to this: Mary F x



Could you put a link on here please, not all of us are on or want to be on facebook.

Many thanks.



Yes, of course Dave - i do realise there are a lot of people who are not on FB :)


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