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Ergh! I have an interview on Tuesday for a promotion I have wanted forever and my face has turned into a sight not too dissimilar from the Alps! A nasty series of bumps under the skin but red.

I was diagnosed because of this as they thought it (any my other symptoms) were signs of lupus and ran a million tests.

Does anyone else have this? Any tips on how to make it back off? I use azelaic acid cream but it calms rather than removes it.

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Hi tannyah

my skin clear at the moment, thankfully, but my dx is Aps with lupus symptoms and fibro, so when rash is about its down to the lupus symptoms.

I do use a mild steroid cream that Gp gave me, but mainly I try not to use anything, I have loads of allergies so very careful about moisturisers and makeup, drink lots of water, avoid sunlight, not difficult at the moment,

I had a nosy around about azelaic acid cream and conversely one of its side effects can be a rash, may be worth seeing Gp and checking this out hon.

I hope it clears before your interview, good luck!!!!!

Take care gentle hugs love sheena xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)

Ps they should judge on your ability not your skin. Aps is covered under disability discrimination!!!


Oo I really sympathise - I too have what has been diagnosed as Rosecea Docs say it is not related to the APS or Fibro - and that i dont have lupus but everyone notices and ask me if I am feeling ok when it is 'up' as that is a sure sign I am having a flare. I don't think it is exaggerating to say it is debilitating - mainly at work, as it is the first thing people notice about me and undermines my confidence no end. I haven't found anything that works well - I too have tried the azeliac acid cream but this makes my skin very flakey -and like you only calms it a bit. Sunlight is definitely out as is make up and most moisturisers. Emotions make mine worse - so plenty of relaxation and taking herbal supplements such as 'quiet life ' etc have helped a bit. I find 'fessing up' puts others on the back foot tho - for example I have been known to mention it at the start of a presentation so that its already out there !

Good luck Tannyah


Thanks both.

I doubt it'll affect the interview- it's mainly stress that flares mine up I think. I'm going to blush really easily too- which is fairly embarrassing and also makes me feel about 12!

I'm sure it'll all be ok- it is debilitating though. I teach and the kids pick up on it sometimes (not that they're nasty at all), a colleague asked me last week if oil had splashed on my face! I refuse to / can't wear loads of make up to cover it.

I'll look into herbal supplements. It's just the bumpyness- it annoys me. I wish I could just sandpaper it! Obviously that won't help but I've seriously considered it!

Tan xxx


Sorry i have only just seen this message. Have you tried a green foundation base? It's a tried and tested makeup trick to combat red tones. You may have to go for a fairly expensive brand to get the quality to minimise any irritation though. Best of luck with the promotion interview.


Sorry Tan. This is what i get for needing all the replies first! *doh* :(


I've got some green make up stuff, the flakeyness kind of stops it being any use sometimes but it's a good idea. I also use (for special occasions) Jerome Alexanders's mineral powder (they sell it in Asda now) which evens out my skin tone without being heavy.

Creamy foundation type things make it worse though.

Good news is, I got the promotion anyways. Despite the blushing and the bumps :D xxx


Well Done You!! :-) Touche Eclat by YSL is very good for covering and comes in a few different shades.

Dab it on, leave for a minute then blend. Use a brush (another one) and blend it into the surrounding area. You can use this under a foundation or on its own. Use loose powder to set with a brush. I used to work in TV and would always use translucent powder to set.

The Red Cross run courses where you can learn the art of camouflage which could give you a real confidence boost. Make up if properly applied can look really natural so perhaps its something you may want to think about.


Thank you- that's really kind x


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