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hate social care!!!!!

Just had financial assessment for social care.....At first it was yes you will qualify oh no got sums wrong you have to pay £25 per week... I only get 150 per week which I have to pay morgate,gas,food,etc....

oh you have a morgate sorry never asked should of (is that not your job to ask me the questions) so you now have to pay £3 a week towards care.....

I ended up feeling like I had to beg for help so wanted to tell her to get lost!!!!

Im only getting 2 hours a week help to get my breakfast and lunch followin stroke in jan2012.....sorry having a moan just hate how they make you feel,,,,

sharon x

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Sorry you have having a foul time Sharon, we are living in difficult times it seems to be making all these assessment ever more stressful, do you have friends and family to help you with paperwork? Mary F x


My daughter is trying to help but hate being a burden on her.

Think Im just feeling a bit fragile at the moment, which is unlike me Im usually positive... now Ive had a moan feel better

sharon xx


Go to Citizens Advice, you will find they may help you fight a case.


Garry is absolutely on the button. CAB is brilliant at all this and they do it all the time.

Get in touch ASAP as it takes time to get appointment. When you go take as much info as possible.



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