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Looking for the best info sheet for employer

There are many out there and most sources of information have only the main symptoms, stroke, Heart attack, MC ......

There are so many other symptoms we suffer from on a daily basis. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good information sheet to give my employer. My dr doesn't seem know too much about APS yet and I have not seen the specialist.

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Hi sassy,

I know you can go to the hsf site I also know we were drafting some new ones I also pulled some I do if you want it



Hi Sassy

There is a good booklet but it is about 65 pages long so that may be too much but it is farily comprehensive.

In case you want to take a look...



Hi Sassy

Please email me on and I will send you our new Fact Sheets - we have a range of sixteen which will be available on our new website; however, this is a real labour of love and won't be available until the autumn so I only have the basic copy available at the moment. You can still give these to your employer/GP/family and friends.


Thank you for your help :) great information!


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