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Hi i would think gabapentin will help a little and in time can be increased. I didnt feel any benefit when i was on low levels but it is one of those drugs which has to be gradually increased. You cant start it on a high level from what i have read. The cause of your pain may be bone damage or bone related but the pain is being sent along nerves to your brain and gabapentin helps to numb the signals. At first it didnt help me at all but as it got gradually increased it did.

I have herniated discs in my neck and as a result of the bones being out of place they are pressong on my nerves causing pain in my arms and neck. I hope this helps a little ig you have any other questions about ie side effects or levels dont hesitate to ask. Take care and i hope you soon get some relief.

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Great to hear it is helping you. Do, though, keep an eye on your B12 levels as apparently this can tend to make you a bit low, have read this on a through sites. Mind you we all should keep an eye on our B12, D Thyroid and Iron. Mary F


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