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Fractured spine

Hi I've been in hospital for 10 days after I fractured my spine in a fall I'm home now thankfully though in a brace for 12 weeks. When I asked the doctor whether the fracture would have any affect on my APS he couldn't answer me.

I know you're not doctors but if any of you have been in the same position and have any thoughts they would be welcome thanks

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Never been in same position, but immediate thought would be clots? In activity, keeping neck in brace etc could lead to same risk as anything post op?

You need to speak to your APS specialist.

Hope your not in too much pain & wishing you speedy recovery x

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Thank you


Hi, sorry to hear that, have they got a plan for your physio, alongside the brace, have they told you what you can and can't do? MaryF


Yes it's mostly wear the brace and when I can't coz I can only bear it for about 3 hours at a time I have to lie flat in bed. They've given me compression stocking but I haven't seen a physio yet it's too unstable to exercise it's going to have to heal quite a bit more first. I've been told all the obvious things like no lifting pushing etc and some not quite so obvious like don't get constipated. I have a follow up appointment at the specialist hospital in 3 weeks. Thanks for your reply


My advice would be much as the others have said, stillness will be your enemy. Keep doing foot/leg exercises much like you do on a plane to keep blood circulating well in your calves. Can you wear support stockings if you are Immobile?

Get advice from your specialist as soon as possible. I don't think the condition itself will affect the syndrome but as has been said the risk if sitting/laying around would be an increased risk of clotting so anticoagulation routine very important.


I had exactly the same thing after falling off a big horse 4 vertebrae broken. You have my sympathy it hurts, though the treatment you're having seems ok and do try to get some physio

It didn't affect my APS as such but as others have said lack of movement as we know can cause clots. It will probably be painful but do try to move about a bit

Wishing you a speedy recovery




Hi Margaretjo,

Get advice from your HS/APS-Specialist and see to it that your anticoagulation is working perfectly. I wish you a speedy recovery also!

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm


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