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heat rash- not livedo reticularis but similar

So after miscarriage #1 this rash appeared when I had been out in the sun and it would appear any time my skin got hot- even with clothes . Then I went on chloroquine after miscarriage #2 and it went away. I have only been back on chloroquine a couple of weeks since I was off it when I was pregnant and this weekend when I was in the sun, it came back. With autoimmune disease they often think it is livedo reticularis but that is resolved with heat, not caused by heat. Has anyone ever seen this? It has me freaked out and so so down because to me it's an indication that my autoimmunity is flared...

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Please keep the photos and keep showing them to your main consultant, try not to get stressed about it. MaryF



I have APS and I recognize your photo as Livedo Reticulatris. I am primary APS and all the anitbodies. I have that when I have been out in the cold Stockholm winter-night. Perhaps also whén i have been taking a shower. It is said to be a sign of APS. Do not be afraid of this. It does not hurt or bother me at all.

I have not noticed it has to be involved with a clot or something else dangerous. It just is there when your body is very hot or very cold. A sign of APS they say. Take a photo and show your APS-Specialist. Do not be afraid!

They just look like my livedos. I am on warfarin and they get better after anticoagulation I have noticed.

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm


I am on Hydroxychloroqine since 2009 .

I am also on a lot of other meds , But I have been told to stay out of direct hot sun because of the hydroxy . and the APS in general .

I do get Petechiae , but it doesn't look like your photo { are you up side down :-) }

The petechiae looks like a rash with little pimples sort to speak and it covered me from ankles to my neck. and i also noticed that if i take a hot shower during an episode i would look like a cooked lobster in seconds !!

look up the petechiae and see if you might find more on this .

best of luck to you M

where are you from ??


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