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Hi whent to Sheffield on Thursday to see a specialist but it was not a specialist in APS but she was nice and cos I had been having a bad head for 7 days she going to put my INR up to 3.5 she deals with warfarin so can not do any think for my pain I asked her if I could have a pop on my frozen shoulder she sed yes and have injection in my hip cos just coursing me lots of pain she did all blood test felt a bit let down cos back to the beginning but she did help she have to go see my GP agin see wot he as to say x

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Hi there, it does sound like she is trying to really help you, but do make her aware of our database of Hughes Syndrome specialists: You could send it by email to her secretary, marked for her attention, the doctor you have just seen. All the best to you. MaryF



I agree with what Mary has advised you.



I see Dr Van Veen at the Hallamshire. He is pretty clued up on APS. If you look on the health unlocked pages you will find a list of doctors at the Hallamshire who deal with APS. Maybe worth checking out! X


Thanks will tell my doctor I am from Huddersfield but did not mind going there but when I whent the doctor I seen was going to put my INR up to 3.5 but she did not put it in my book and had lots of blood test when I was there but none come back yet x


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