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APS/Sjorgren's doctor in Barcelona

Just thought I'd ask....

... my daughter has APS, Sjorgrens (along with EDS, dysautomnia, POTS etc) and thankfully I have managed to pay for her to see the amazing Prof Hughes in London, although we are hopefully also going to be referred to St George's for day-to-day care and monitoring...

My question is, thanks to Prof Hughes diagnosis and emerging treatment regime, she is now well enough to be going on a year's university placement to Barcelona. Prof Hughes enthused about the doctors out there but I wondered if there is anyone from Barcelona on this site who could recommend a doctor or clinic that has knowledge of the conditions - I would feel much happier if I knew that there is someone she can go to if things get difficult.

Muchas gracias (thankfully her Spanish is a lot better than mine!)


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Hello Fiona. I can highly recommend Dr Richard Cervera at the Barnaclinic+ Barcelona. The clinic is private. If you want any further info feel free to send me a private message. xxx

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