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Heavy periods

Does anyone have any experiences with suffering from heavy periods. Since I re started riveroxaban 4 months ago, I suffer terrible now with extreme heavy bleeding. I have seen my GP twice, the first time I was put on mefalonic acid ( excuse the terrible spelling but I am writing this quickly on my phone). The tablets have not eased the condition. Two days ago I sawa different gp who even though my notes clearly state hormones are a very large no go area for me suggested I have the coil fitted!. I explained to him that one; part of my cervix has been removed and two my blood clots are linked to the pill I was on!. He insisted on anyway writing to haematology to ask. I am very frustrated now as my periods are painful, produce very large clots and I flood every 30mins- 1hour.

I feel as if what can I do next?

Has anyone else been in this situation?

Can anyone recommend a private clinician as my specialist is now on long term leave

Thank you for reading this, especial the personal nature of this post

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Hi you are not alone, and it is clear that you need some more help, as long as Haematology is up on Hughes Syndrome/APS you will get the right reply. I presume due to your cervix that the coil is a no go, as some on here find it really helpful to have that fitted. Where are you located? Of course there is a list of specialists in the UK on the charity website! Let me/us know if you need more help. MaryF

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Hi there. I know exactly how you are feeling. I had that for 5 years and was on mefanamic acid and trynamic acid (think that's what it was called) I was diagnosed as having polyps in the womb. Was told after an op they could do nothing more.

They have me a mirena coil which made absolutely no difference. Eventually I told them to remove it. Non point having chemicals going in if it doesn't help.

So went to see gynae specialist Bob Hawthorn at BMI hospital Rosshall Scotland. He operated to remove polyps and found I had been misdiagnosed. I had fibroids which needed treatment before surgery. So I was put on leuprorelin injection to stop the hormones and prep me for surgery. Had. A stroke two weeks before the surgery so didn't get it. However haemy and doc decided to keep me on the injections due to heavy bleeding similar as you described and that I was put on warfarin.

I have been taking this for 18 months now. I only have occasional spotting and it has made a large difference to my life. The only downside is that I am going through a chemically induced menopause. Get use to the flushes and it's great.

Hope that helps but have a look into the leuprorelin injection as an alternative because it blocks the hormones rather than increasing them.

Best wishes



Can I suggest you consult a homeopath? I was in a similar situation to you and saw a homeopath two years ago. She gave me some remedies, including Sepia, and my periods are now what I would describe as normal. No more severe heavy bleeding, no clots and, a huge plus for me, no being rushed to hospital every month due to fainting and anaemia! Hope this all improves for you x


I had horridly heavy periods from age 15 until I went on a gluten free diet. Fibroids, (in my uterus and breast), "flooding" (batthroom trips every 40 - 60 minutes) and horrid cramping. (childbirth was not as intense as my menstrual cramps had been!)

I knew that all female descendants of my Great-grandfather's line went trough this. The accepted family wisdom was that this continues until the first child is born. Many of my great-aunts admittted to me that they had been eager to marry and have that first child so this monthly horror would end.

My docs tried birth control pills, but they did no good. I just suffered through and when I married at age 26 and had my first at age 27 there was indeed a substantial reduction in the monthly horrors. But that is when the fibroids showed up. They became worse and worse -- an overconfident GP removed many of the uterus fibroids in his office --- without warning or anesthesia! -- then sent me home and told me to be quiet for a week. I was already booked for road trip to Chicago the next day! (that was 'fun')

The fibroids all disappeared within 6 months of going gluten free. The monthly periods went to 'totally normal."

As the years went by, all of my aging great aunts followed the same gastrointestinal trajectory. Ulcers, to gall bldder isssues to pancreatitis to colitis or IBS. It became clear to me that they probably all had undiagnosed Celiac. And yes most of them diid have colonoscopies, but their doctors would just confirm that they had IBS or colitis --- without any mention of where these conditions may have come from!

This may or may not have any relavance to you. But you might give a gluten free diet a go. In me there is probably some autoiimmune/inflammatory connection that greatly effects hormone balance.

Does this apply to you? ????? But I thought I"d sharre my experience.



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