Life Vs. Pain

Just a small rant, I need to vent a little!

I'm starting to get seriously annoyed with my stupid body at the moment! I really don't know what the heck else to do with it. I knew I had a wedding to go to this weekend just gone so I spent the 5 days prior to it just going into work (part time, not too taxing) coming home and resting, pottering around the house and making sure I got plenty of sleep. I didn't even go to my usual exercise classes as I then use the weekend for recovery time which I knew I wasn't going to get.

Went to the wedding, was a long day but nothing particularly unusual. Slight fibro type connective tissue pain when I went to bed but nothing major.

Woke up Sunday morning after a good 10 hours proper sleep with full blown, reverberation hurts when I take a step, pulling clothes on hurts where it pulls against the skin, don't touch me or I'll kill you, connective tissue pain everywhere. Feels like someone put me through a mangle when I wasn't looking and I'm still aching like heck today after resting yesterday and getting another decent night of unbroken sleep.

I gave you sleep, I gave you rest, I looked after you. What more can I do you stupid bundle of flesh and nerves?!

Normally I'm pretty chilled out and accepting of my body and it's condition(s) (Hughes Syndrome and Lupus) but there are times when I wish to whatever is out there having a laugh at my expense that I were 'normal'. I've potentially got another 50+ years of this rubbish which is a less than inspiring thought at times!

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  • Oh dear a nasty old flare, lets hope it leaves you as suddenly as it came about, we can all sympathize with it, I hope you feel better soon, and if not perhaps a check up with your most trusted consultant? MaryF

  • Thanks Mary, I need to see my GP about changing my meds for travel so I may well bump it up my list of priorities for this week!

  • Life is cruel sometimes. I hope you feel better soon.

  • I know exactly how you feel. Woken up today with extreme pain in my head, wrists, fingers and toes.

    Hope you feel better soon...... BIG HUGS xx

  • Thanks guys, it's starting to get a bit better now. I can actually wear real clothes today rather than just about tolerating sweats and yoga gear! Hope everyone else is hanging in there :)

  • I have never suffered from that all over pain -- just fatigue and localized joint pains. But I totally relate to your exasperation with a spoiled body. I have a knee who has, in dreams, explained the injustice of his (I assume he is male since he is spoiled) position. He is a knee and must bear weight every other step of the day. The ear lobe just sits there and does nothing -- doesn't even move as the nerves and muscles in that area don't connect. The knee wants to be an ear lobe. He says its time to make that switch.

    I sympathize with his plight, but that doesn't mean that Me, the central consciousness of our body, can reassign him. He's a knee. And when I'm alone with no other human to hear my insane rants I audibly shout: " YOU'RE A KNEE. LIKE IT OR NOT, YOU'RE A KNEE. I'll message you with NSAID creams. I'll baby you with braces. I'll rest, ice, compress and elevate you 2 - 4 times a day. But like it or not YOU"RE A KNEE! And if you keep misbehaving like this you're going to get replaced."

    Just one joint (last year it was the hip -- it got replaced.) But I totally relate to the exasperation of having a body that won't do its job.

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