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Thanks to my nephew

My computer SHOULD be working again!!

Sorry if i put a scare out there - I am having problems with clotting.

even with all the anti-coagulants i am on - i have been clotting in left leg behind left knee- and now right leg is going numb.

this was what i was talking about when the problem with computer started and i couldn't reply to anyone on this site.

It unfortunately left some of you wondering just what happened { SORRY }

A big thanks to Gina - she helped me get to Kerstin who was one that was concerned and i felt horrible that i could see her questions BUT couldn't do any thing about it

So a couple of MRI'S a lengthy ultra sound - we know where some of the clotting is and there is also a problem with either the veins or arteries-- been almost 4 weeks when it all started- and the second time in less than a year.

Dc's aren't doing much at this point- so i started walking with Casey and we will have to see where this takes us.

because i had no swelling or bruising and no warm spots Dc's are having a hard time believing the problem

One Dc has told me one of the vein's in question is a deep one and to me that explains why no visible signs.

these aren't the only things going on with me at this point.

BUT i am OK -alive and breathing It was 11:00 P.M. when troy finally got to me and fixed the problem - Thank God for him- he is in Colorado and is extremely busy right now . But lets hope my little pea brain can process the changes made correctly.

so lets go forward and any one that wants to get back to me i can see if i can deal with it now..

Casey is so glad----------------His pop can finally sit at the computer and not curse it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ---------------------Casey & me :-) :-) :-)

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Hi there Jet!!!

I am so glad to hear this!!!. I know that Casey is just so glad that you and he can walk together .Fantastic what a ilttle dog can do. And a nephew also not forget..

Try to not miss the walks because they are most important for not clotting. I have noticed.

Hope to hear more from you two.

Hughs to you and Casey from Kerstin


Welcome back! I hope your leg improves and your computer behaves itself! MaryF

So happy you are getting the help you need. Dogs are also miracles. I know they make you walk or there is no peace. I get angry about my computer and cell when I am foggy. I can tell when something isn't right. Pay attention to your body and continue to get your help. Have a great day.

Glad the computer is behaving. Hope your circulatory system gets itself in line.

I went hiking yesterday with the Club on private property; Ace Adventure Park in the New River area. And boy! Do they have some facilities there! Miles of hiking,I counted 3campgrounds, a lake for swimming complete with a scarily high water slide and a zip line which dumps you I into the water and several floating thing-a-jigs floating in the water for kids to play on.

Then there was the zip line canopy tour, the frisbee golf course, the the mountain bike trails/roads. My.

After the hike we moved to their restaurant for dinner, but as this is still their slow season, we were practically the only ones there--excepting the Indian couple who were happy that one of our number could take their picture ( honeymoon?) So the restaurant was late opening their dinner buffet and we ate from the lunch menu instead. Of course, our average individual lunch price was $5.00, and when we found out that the all you can eat dinner buffet would have been $25.00 each we were very happy with our sandwiches.

At one point in the hike we came to an active beaver damn. It was mid day so the beavers were taking their siesta but we could see the damn, the main lodge, and a 2nd lodge in mid construction. And lots of downed trees with their diagnostic beaver-gnawed pointy stumps. I took pictures and if I can, I'll load them somewhere. Here or on the kanawhatrailclub.org site.

Glad you have returned to the 21 st Century.


Thanks to Troy -- I was lost as usual-- we believe it was an automatic up date that sparked it-- he will be doing more work on it later on in the week ..


leg better - till next time-- i shouldn't have to go threw 4 weeks of pain if as they say {just a superficial clot } I believe a vein problem

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