Can you make Hughes Syndrome worse by having IVF?

I recently discovered that I have antiphospholid antibodies after doing tests for recurrent miscarriages. I have one son who is 5yrs. I'm not sure yet whether I have Hughes Syndrome.

As I'm now 41yrs, 42yrs in a few months, my consultant has recommended IVF due to my age.

I'm a little nervous about this and I'm wondering since I haven't had any symptoms for Hughes Syndrome other than recurrent miscarriages, could I make things worse by taking all the drugs required for IVF.

I have one gorgeous son and whilst I would love another, I want to stay healthy for the child I have.

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  • No, taking the drugs for IVF won't make Hughes syndrome worse.

  • Hi there, good luck with your new project! Many women on here have had successful IVF and have Hughes Syndrome. MaryF x

  • Ok, thanks Mary F and Salty.

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