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Can you make Hughes Syndrome worse by having IVF?

I recently discovered that I have antiphospholid antibodies after doing tests for recurrent miscarriages. I have one son who is 5yrs. I'm not sure yet whether I have Hughes Syndrome.

As I'm now 41yrs, 42yrs in a few months, my consultant has recommended IVF due to my age.

I'm a little nervous about this and I'm wondering since I haven't had any symptoms for Hughes Syndrome other than recurrent miscarriages, could I make things worse by taking all the drugs required for IVF.

I have one gorgeous son and whilst I would love another, I want to stay healthy for the child I have.

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No, taking the drugs for IVF won't make Hughes syndrome worse.


Hi there, good luck with your new project! Many women on here have had successful IVF and have Hughes Syndrome. MaryF x


Ok, thanks Mary F and Salty.


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