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A Catastrophic Event

I have put the latest post up on my Blog. It is what transpired following my husband's surgery, all the "things" that happened before, and after he was admitted to Hospital with CAPS.

It was nothing like I imagined a CAPS event would look like. The link is:


It shows the sequence of events but looking now, there was no true indicator of what was happening. It was only hind sight that achieved the diagnosis.

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Hi Tiggercat. I've read it and have no words for you at all, except a big cuddle for you and for Derek and my immense respect for how you cope, one step at a time. Larraine x


Thanks Lorraine, It has certainly been an adventure, which we are still on. As the Dr's keep saying. "And you lived!". They still can't believe he managed to survive it, and is still trying to hold down a full time job. Not so easy now, but one day at a time.


Thank you for continuing to post, we all learn off each other on here, I certainly have! Best wishes to you and your partner. Mary F x


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