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INR Rant part 2

Hi Folks

Just a quick update my INR is now....wait for it, don't get to excited....7.9 which I suppiose is better that 10+

To add further insult I have damaged the tendons in the back of my ankle and can hardly walk,it is very painfull.

I give up now and I know it prob wont do me any good but am off to the pub for a gin or 3! Might take me a while to get there but get there I will.....

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Hi Judes

7.9 sounds good, enjoy the gin+++

good evening


Have four or so, and skip tonight's dose.......if I were you. Poor you. Be careful, seriously, this is tough I know, and we often feel trapped...god knows the times I could skip the pills and go to the pub, just having had enough....BUT.... the ankle will heal, and the INR will settle eventually to a degree, maybe not completeley, mine won't. But you have a life to lead, and beat this damn curse....that is only do-able by achieving things....goals.... and you WILL get there. But for tonight, enjoy the Gin, regroup tomorrow, and fight back. x


Hi Judes well all i can say and this id not offically sanctioned i went for a couple (Coughs) of drinks and did not take warferin for a day and was bang on 3.5 first an only time it happened lol Again not offically sanctioned !!!

hope things get better soon.





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