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Could somebody please ask a question for me tomorrow?

When I saw the Prof in April he suggested a 3 days a month course of steroids to help me at the premenstral part of my now difficult cycle as I am now 51. The problem is I failed to discuss it further with so much to say. Trouble is I really would like to know exactly how this helps so I can explain to my GP who is bound to not understand.

I really wish I was going to be there.

Have a great day everybody. X

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Hope someone picked this up for you, it's a great question!!! Sarahx


There simply was not time to ask and answer everyones questions and you were limited to only one....although one person seemed to get round that!! I would suggest you email him with your question as its personal to you and he will no doubt remember your discussion or will look up your notes.


Yes, there was a shortage of time, and the questions were flowing with many hands up. Good advice above. Mary F x


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