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Tough decisions, facing reality!

Tough decisions, facing reality!

Tuesday I go to the neurologist to start Coumadin/warfarin. Thursday my son, my baby is graduating HS, and there is a 6 hour drive I would make to get there. I have been feeling so bad, worse in last few months, headaches, jittery, and off balance,nausea etc...... Well, I was in an auto accident 3 years ago after my daughter's graduation , just minutes from home, veered of pavement tire blowout sends me into a spin then flipped over four times!

Recently I have realized that I was most likely due to the symptoms of APS, I just didn't know that then. So I have called Dylan ( my son ) and talked to him, crying, because I know that this trip could be risky for obvious reasons. I am very blessed to have a really good relationship with both him and my daughter ( Kaitlin ). I love them so much! I am so sad that I am not going, but at the same time relieved. I will be going to see them as soon as I am on the Coumadin, and know that I feel better driving . Will update after Tuesday. Thanks for listening! Tina

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Hi Tina: I think you made the responsible choice for all of you and perhaps some strangers as well. I know it wasn't an easy choice, but you may have confidence that you made the right choice and set the right example for your children. You are a great mom and they saw that. Soon, once you are stabilized on your medications, you will have great visits.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day, Tina. You deserve it.

Warm wishes,



You know & your son knows you've made the right decision, you sound like you have a very understanding son ( & daughter) which is a godsend, you will know when you are ready & then you can have your visits.

You have to know confidently that you are safe not just for yourself but others, so when the time is right.....

Take care, Sue x


Hi there, you have quite clearly made a good decision, lots of us on here miss special things, often quite frequently. Get them to take photo's films, anything from phones and cameras and be there in spirit, maybe have a family get together at a later date not too far in the future to celebrate in your own way. You must be very proud, all the best to you. Mary F x


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