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Finally had camera into stomach (cannot rember the medical word). Had to stop warfarin Four days before and have tinzaparin injections. Wasnt as bad as i thought (camera) even tho I didnt have sedation. Took a couple of biopsies but consultant said everything looked fine and this was not the cause of my pain.

Feeling like rubbish today INR only 1.0 start warfarin again plus the tinzaparin. My daughter did my injection this morning and Ive got to say its the best one i've had didnt even realise she had done it..

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Hi Sharonap

The 'camera' word you're looking for is endoscopy or specifically in your case, gastroscopy. Your daughter sounds like she's really got the knack for painless injections. Well done to her! A tip for this is to pinch your chosen injection site very hard as you inject. Thus should give you less or no pain. Any pain usually goes away quite quickly.

Tinzaparin is a form of low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) of which there are several. Below is some Info about everything you mention. There's quite a lot of it but I include it because you never know what personal nuggets you can find (this site has many such incidences that lead to other beneficial outcomes) and it may be useful to other people too.

In case you're wondering why you were taken off warfarin a few days before, it's because biopsies sometimes cause bleeding that might be more serious if your blood wasn't clotting as easily owing to the warfarin. All the best with your results, control and how you're feeling! John


Low molecular weight heparin (LMWH):



Hi there, glad this went well for you, a lot of people on here have unexplained stomach pain, Professor Hughes has written widely about this: His April Blog mentions this: hughes-syndrome.healthunloc...

Also of course gluten intolerance is common, and does not show up like Coeliac Disease would with a camera - however this was recently published:

Hope you feel much better soon. Mary F x


Glad it went well for you, thanks for posting as I've got to go in an have a similar procedure and have been told I have to have a bridging regime and was getting a little anxious.

Hope you feel better soon


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