Endo and h s

Hi I was wondering if anyone has got h s and endometriosis .I have both .I'm on medication for life for h s .I'm suffering with endo too .I have had part of my bowel removed from me .I can't have kids .I'm in pain every time I go to the toilet .I'm on e s a just now .I was wondering if anyone knows if I'm also entitled to pip .I also have a bowel prolapse .I m getting no treatment for this or the endo .I'm at a loss .as to what to do .I'm 42 .with no one who understands what I'm going through .thank you .

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  • Hi no one can answer that question as it's not what illness you have but how it affects you. You can certainly apply for it though and should do. Have a look at the Govt.uk site. this will tell you all about PIP. If you google it will come up. Good luck. x

  • Hi sorry if you think I'm being rude, but can I ask what medication you are on for hs? I've tried 2 different ones and neither of them have done a thing. Xx

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