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How HS affects me as a man

Hi I'm Derek, don't know if I'm the only male on here ? I'm 57 and have the pea like acne above my penis in the pubic area, when the first one came I tried to squeeze it out but found it very difficult and painful, I now have quite a few, one almost on the bottom of my penis,whilst out socializing one night I felt wet where my legs meet the groin, I inspected it in the gents and it was puss, shock,horror, at the time I didn't connect the two, on closer inspection at home there were a few abscess scars and I think its gone to second stage, the sinuses were leaking, now the area at the top of both legs has become inflamed and gently weep throughout the day and night, unfortunately right where my scrotum rests, I only feel comfortable when naked from the waist down with my legs wide open to get some air to the area.

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Hi! One rule never touch them! Very important because you are just going to make it worse. Because they spread and make sinus or fistulas which is my case. Wash with savon de Marseille (well known soap). Never use any other shower gel products on your skin. Dry very well the area I use a hairdryer. Apply an antibiotic cream that your GP will give you. It's very important as well to get the right treatment and not to touch them. Squeezing them is the worstthing to do.

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