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Pathological Demand Avoidance PDA

After years of failure to recognise symptoms in my boys behaviour, they were eventually diagnosed with Aspergers in late teens , one having ADHD then now has ADD. I have now recognised they both have PDA as well as Asbergers.

There are very few places who will give a formal diagnosis, three in England at £3,000 each privately. This condition does exist for so many Specialists butwe live with it every day. It does exist but there is such a shocking lack of understanding among the so called professionals .

There is now a Parental led website , amazing information.


Petition to have this neurodevelopmental illness formally recognised . It's destroying families and lives. Please read the story attached to the Petition.



If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD or Asbergers , anxiety, anything in those lines and the diagnosis does not quite fit read about PDA. It you can't get a diagnosis for Autism spectrum read on .It your child has rages, severe mood changes, reluctance, Jeckyl and Hyde personality , can be utterly charming then vile, goes out of their way to avoid situations then go to PDA website. Look at questionarre. Super books to read.

These children , young people and adults need a completely different approach to their needs, including teaching, normal AS methods do not work.


Brilliant blog with great links.

Please spread the word on Social Media, get PDA formally recognised.

It is possible to have PDA on its own, often with ADHD or a combination eg PDA and Asbergers.


So many people are failed by blatant misunderstanding of PDA , land up recluses at home,with severe mental health issues which can if treated correctly have a dramatic positive effect instead of being terrified of the world. This late recognition

in turn has an appaling effect on families and carers and the people themselves.

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What are the signs of PDA..

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There is also a questionairre online , mine were off the scale.

Read understanding PDA blog, gives you heaps of information. Sadly so many people won't recognise PDA yet.


This is why the petition has been started. Read the story this lady has gone through, so many families are the same.

The bottom line we might have all these policies and strategies but the understanding of Autism Specrum among Professionals, including GPs, NHS , dieticians, educational psychologists and Teaching is appalling. Well nearly everyone. You have to live with Autism Spectrum to understand it. Having a qualification, reading books, having letters after your name does not give you that experience. Parents are 95% correct and we are being ignored.

I my experience Clueless is synonymous with Autism Spectrum recognition and diagnosis. If I did not have such a supportive GP I would never have had the answers.


Read this first, it was amazing, answered so many of the issues. The blog mentioned earlier is the same lady, it's following the families amazing story to this present day. Inspirational.


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