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FYI, try to continue to work, I was taken off work 16 years ago. With how I look and my physical condition I am unable to find work. Living on disability really sucks with the cost of everything going up but not my disability payments. I never wanted to stop working but I volunteered for an hiv clinical trial of new drugs, I tid two trials hoping I could make an impact on fighting HIV. I should have waited (I was very healthy no problem with HIV after 13 years of having it) until an approved cocktail came out, I still would be working today and not having to worry about when I can get to eat again.

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There is a group called Let's Kick ASS (ASS is an acronym for AIDS Survivor Syndrome) that is seeking to keep long term survivors and their specialized needs a priority for both the gay community as a whole and the support organizations  created in response to this disease. The tag line I'm using is "There's more to life than survival!" Search AIDS Survivor Syndrome  and you will find a number of articles. June 5th is Long Term Survivors Day when Let's Kick ASS's founder Tez Anderson it going to make some ground breaking announcement concerning the treatment of those of us manifesting this distinct form of PTSD.  


Thank you, I am going to look into it after I finish this response, thank you.


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