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Time to face reality

Hello folks near and far. With 2016 standing right over there ===> I've decided its time to take this bull by the horns (hiv that is) and try to make friends with it because Till Death Do Us Part! I'm 38, living in Indiana in the good old US of A. Found out I was Positive 1 and a half years ago and have been ignoring it ever since but it won't move out ha ha. I mean yes, I am on Meds, I am undetectable, I'm in the system. I see my medical team every 4 months but there has got to be something more. Something I'm missing? Or is that it? Looking for others to connect with, talk with, socialize with. The gay community here is basically "Don't Ask Don't Tell" when it comes to HIV which is mind-blowing to me. I've met a few others over the last year or so but NO ONE talks about it, or wants to talk about it. They run and hide from themselves and that game is boring the hell out of me. Merry Christmas. New to this site. Just checking out new avenues. Don't be afraid to contact me.

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Hope your Christmas was bright, I find that there is very little if any discussion of hiv anywhere I've been, sad state, don't get me started on dating .


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