Story story-How I became an Expert Patient!

I would like to introduce myself -10olive, which is what I choose to call myself here, just because I can :) Plus, it is more confidential for me, as it allows me to express myself fully without revealing my identity, which is very important for me because not all my family and friends know that I am positive. So that's me and I intend to be here a long time

I have had a very challenging but yet interesting time living with HIV, and I am happy to say I have finally found a comfortable place to share my story for free, in a safe and confidential place without revealing my identity, because I am not ready yet. When I do feel ready, I will reveal my identity but if I don't, I wont and that's okay too.

I have always wanted to share my story to educate and inform others who may need resources that I myself have used, to help others who may identify with me or may have had different experiences and may also want to share and just because sometimes it helps to talk/share so

Watch this space.......

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  • Welcome 10olive! It's great to see such an empowering post. Sounds like you have a lot to offer to this new community :)

  • Hi Olive,

    Sorry not to have got back to you sooner but I have had some time off annual leave.

    Thanks for sharing your posts with us. I agree with you, I think it is far more important for us to feel free to talk than to worry about our online identity or wether we disclose our HIV status publicly or not.

    Disclosure is and should be a personal issue, public disclosure is to some extent a political issue and that is a path that some may not wish to follow.

    In helping set up HIV Partners I really wanted to provide a safe and secure place and web site for people living with HIV, so we can get the information and support we need.

    If people would like to become more active in the HIV community, or politically that is great (and I can help with that) but if they want information, support or just to meet other people living with HIV online that is fantastic.

    Together we can support each other.

    Kind Regards,


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