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Hepatitis C - Doctor - Profound ignorance

I have Hepatitis C from 2011, I was treated with Ribavirin and interferon for 6 months. After this HCV was undetectable. In November 2014, my GP tells me that Hepatitis C is back in my body. They send me to a specialist after 5 months. The specialist, without to do any investigation, told me that took me out of the system because I am not anymore infected and the disease pass forever. The Doctor told me if I will have again Hepatitis C this is because I contact again. I was very happy but this Doctor he lied me. In November 2015 I check again my blood and the result is that I have Hepatitis C. From December up to date I was several times to my GP and I pray to send me to a specialist. Nothing. Every time my GP finds a reason to get rid of me. After much insistence, it was scheduled for May to a specialist. I said to Doctor that I feel bad and maybe she could schedule my appointment earlier but cancelled and I am in a very bad situation. I cannot struggle anymore with this disease with Doctor, with the system. I fink I will die before I will receive the treatment. I am A UK resident from before 2 years and I don't know my rights regarding this. Please help me. Thank you

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I'm sorry you are being messed around by your doctors. I suggest you contact your nearest Citizen Advice organisation and you also have the right to put in a complaint to you local GP practise if you feel you are not being listened to. Please ask around there is no need for you to struggle on your own. I wonder if anyone within the Health Unlocked system maybe be able to give you moor advise .  Do keep in touch



Thank you very much