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Viral count


I have Hep b and today I received my viral count and it’s at 11,098. Do I need treatment and can I still infect my wife if we have sex ?

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Hi , just a quick Google search suggests that a viral count above 10,000 is the threshold for treatment , so you need to discuss this with your doctor .

There is always the possibility of infecting someone else that increases in proportion to the viral load , obviously you have a duty to prevent this .

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Hey Griffon thanks for responding. Yeah I saw the Doc on Friday and she said we are gonna do a biopsy of the liver and then in September do another viral count test to see we’re I’m at. Then we will discuss treatment. She says my numbers dropped so much that I might be lucky and this goes away on it’s own. The chances are slim to none but I have faith that everything will work out one way or another.

How have you been ?

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If you can clear the infection on your own , that is the best possible outcome . A viral load of 11,000 is actually low and if it's falling you may be lucky -- I hope you are .