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Hello...old liver damage & diet

Hello...old liver damage & diet

Just joined — Hello all!

I have old liver damage from alcoholic hepatitis & other chemicals. An ultrasound about 12 years ago showed no gross abnormalities, and if I don't "insult" my liver with alcohol or other chemicals my blood tests come up normal. But my liver _capacity_ seems to be low; it doesn't take much to bring on recognizable liver pain, especially in response to exercise.

I'm particularly concerned about diet; I'm on a low income, and often have a high carbohydrate diet, which according to (old?) prevailing wisdom ought to be good, but when I've been living mostly on sandwiches for a few days, I get liver pains after 5-10 minutes moderate exercise. I do try to go for complex, low Glycemic Index, high fibre carbs. Any suggestions?