I am a 49 year old woman who since the age of 7 has suffered with psoriasis. At the age of 18yrs I was hospitalised to get my skin under control, 3 days before I'd noticed I was yellow on my chest and eyes and on admission was diagnosed with Hep C. I had been very ill for a few months up to that point predominately feeling/being sick and sleeping pretty much around the clock. However when I decided to try for a baby at 30 yrs had tests to check for fear of passing it on baby to be told by the GP I'd never had Hep C but they didn't know what I'd had instead, for the last 4/5 years have felt that same tiredness plus other symptoms which means I can drag myself through a day of work but then have to recover on evenings and weekends I can get any joy from my GP so not too sure

1, how to find out what I had.

2, how to get the GP's to listen

Feeling very distressed.

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  • Hi Muldoon,

    That's quite an interesting experience. I'll suggest you see a physician for further biochemical tests.

    If your GP is not listening to you, you could draw the attention of his/her superior or you could go see another one.