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Hi - I was just diagnosed with Hep C this week. My husband immediately got tested and his results came back negative. He has been my only partner for the past 7 years. I successfully gave blood in 2013, so I believe I can narrow down the infection timeframe to the past four years. I have never done drugs, so I am completely baffled as to how I could've contracted Hep C without the contaminated needle/sexual partner risk. The only remote guess I have is through contaminated medical equipment (and I realize that's extremely rare). I am still trying to educate myself on this disease, but I wanted to reach out to this community to see if anyone could shed some light on a pretty confusing and heartbreaking situation for me. Thank you in advance!

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  • Hi! I was diagnosed in November after doning blood and so fairly new My 1st appointment with the liver clinic was in January and had an ultra sound scan a week later Tests were taken for genotype and viral load which I now have those results. At this stage one more scan and then a course of meds So far nobody can tell me when I got HepC and I'm not sure if I will ever know! I also wonder!

  • Thank you for the reply - and good luck with your meds!

  • I've never had a tattoo or shared someone's toothbrush or razor. No recent vaccinations (although I traveled to Africa in 2008 and had several then). Given my clean blood donation in 2013, I think I can rule out any activity prior to that (unless there is an undetectable dormant period this virus can have that I am unaware of?). I hadn't considered the dentist - and I do recall hearing stories about blood borne illnesses being transmitted that way. I suppose that's a possibility. I've had so many blood draws over the last few years for a previous pregnancy and a current pregnancy (which obviously complicates my situation even more), that I inmediately thought it had to be through that. I suppose I will never know :( thank you for the reply!

  • Have u used a mates razor by any chance?

  • Never mind just read ur replies. Im so sorry hun what an awful situation to be in. Unfortunately we very rarely get to know when and how we were infected and really it doesnt matter. Focus on ur health and ur baby. Lots of water i know it sounds simple but i cannot say how important water is think of it as a nice shower for ur liver each day lol x

  • Thank you for the reply! I did just find out that my viral load is undetectable, so that seems to be positive news from what I've read. I haven't met with a specialist yet, so I'm hope that appointment will clear up some of my confusion.

  • If ur viral load in undetected that means the virus has gone. Congratulations u r one of the lucky few who manage to clear the virus themselves which is fantastic news for u and ur baby x

  • If u only got diagnosed last week with hep c and not seen the specialist yet how do u know ur viral load is undetectable???

  • My OBGYN is the one who drew blood and submitted (out of office) for the HCV RNA test (to measure my viral load). She hasn't seemed to know much about HCV or what my results mean - all she said was that it was relatively good news and that I would still need to see a GI to treat this long-term. I read that an undetectable load can mean I either cleared the infection myself, or that they tested when my levels were on a downswing. I am very much hoping I cleared it!

  • Im keeping my fingers crossed for u hun good luck and remember no matter the outcome there is light at the end of the tunnel. There are some great treatments becoming available this year xxxx

  • I am 3 weeks into treatment for Hep C type 2a (i am undetectable already)I am 49 have never injected drugs, never had a transfusion and am also completely baffled as to how or when i got this. My fibrosis is F4 so they "think" i could of had it for 20 years. I have been married for 11 years and my husband also tested negative. I first suspected Hepc C back in August and over the months since I have decided I will never know for sure how i got it and so put my energy into getting better and not trying to figure out how i got it. I think there is so much uncertainty about it all even now so try not to drive yourself mad. What I will say is that it is horrible and affects your body and your mind. You need to be patient and get the rest of your tests done and start treatment if necessary. It has a horrible stigma attached to it but at the end of the day its just a virus that you have contracted and you can get rid of. Don't let people judge you and if your husband is like mine he will support you and you will get over this. Good Luck!

  • Thank you all for your comments and well wishes. I met with a GI yesterday and based on my labs, he actually believes I had a false positive on the initial Hep C screening (he said he is 99.9% certain). He thinks I have an antibody in my system that is cross reacting with the initial, less sophisticated test, so I will have my RNA test repeated twice over the next year to confirm. I very much appreciate all the input and wish you all the best of luck with treatment - hopefully my tests will continue to support his theory.

  • Thats brilliant news congrats xxx

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