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Hep C Positive
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The flu

Despite having the vaccination my husband, who I care for, has caught this flu that is affecting everyone. Normally I can look after him and nurse him through all on my own but not this time ... my son had to do the simplest errands for me, I simply hadn’t the strength to get to the shops.

I think I’ve had the bug myself, but the anti virals I’m taking must have been fighting it as well as the HepC.

Talking of which, I’ve got my first viral load test results ... I just wish I’d been paying more attention and not wanting to go to sleep on the floor at the time. Nurse said my viral load was 2million summat and now it’s 150,000

😮😶🤭😎😉 way to go me

I welled up, not me at all, but the tiredness is making me a cry baby

Then she gave me the punchline

Of course you’ll be on the treatment for 24 weeks


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Oh babe sorry to hear your husband is sick and you have been struggling. But the news of your viral load is fantastic! Try not to think about the length of time your treatment is just take it one day at a time. And each morning tell yourself you are grateful and you have just made it through another day of treatment! Don’t be so hard on yourself about things you are unable to do this won’t last forever. You have got this and I know you can do this!Take the time to chill and get yourself well and if you need help with doing things it’s allowed so let family give a hand when needed.Always here if ever you need a chat much love Cathy xxx


Hi was wondering how you was, hope you turn the corner soon 🤞keep plodding on xxx


Whilst writing you a reply, I accidently pressed something and I've lost it all!😡😠 Too exhausted to rewrite but ace results on VL, me too 24wks BUT they told me before i started it. Sorry to hear about your husband? Thinking of you 💐


Sounds like you’re doing great - even tho you feel like s””t.

Try not to get caught in doing what you ‘normally ‘ do. Your body is going thru some massive changes and you need to be kind to yourself. Please take some time just resting. And remind yourself that you are recovering from a debilitating illness and need time to recover.

It’s great news about the viral load.

Keep going. One day at a time.

Love and hugs.

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