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My 17 year old son had an ablation on April 2nd for atrial flutter. This seemed to work although the ep doctor who did the procedure had

Never done one on someone his age. Usually it is 50 year olds who have this condition. So here we are 3 weeks later back in the hospital with svt. He wants the ablation cause he does not want to be on meds and wants to feel NORMAL again. Has anyone had an experience like this? We are waiting to have it done in the am and meanwhile he can barely break his 163 heartrate for more than 10 seconds. Help...any feedback would be extremely helpful. Thanks

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I'm sure the ablation is a good idea! Go with it! People of any age seem to get these arythmias. I have had svt since age 7, and now, nearly 70, have AFib. I see the doc on Friday and will welcome ablation if he feels that is the right thing to do. Your son will be fine, you'll see! x


Thank you for your reply. Things changed overnight while waiting for ablation . My son had very arrhythmia and heart rate under the sun. When the ep dr came in he decided that an ablation was not the way to go at this time.this would not be a 20 min ablation and we should try with meds first. Verapamil and something with a k. Wh shall see


Hi , my son is 17 . He was diagnosed with abnormal Arrythmias last August . Since then he has had 9 lots of ablations in Leicester and is on numerous medications. He has now been referred to another hospital for a second opinion. It's been very very hard for him and for us especially as he is doing his A levels. I wish you lots of luck and please let me know if I can help in any way.


Hi Fionapi,

Forgive me for not responding sooner.. I don't check this email often. I just read some of your other posts and my heart breaks for you and your son... I know it is so difficult for them going through all this at such a young age. My son wanted to just be normal. Anyway to update his situation my son changed his diet to an almost vegan diet. He stopped taking his meds and has no symptoms since. He felt the medicine was making him have arrhythmias and he feels perfect off ot it. We believe he has been healed as there is no other explanation. Of course his doctor thinks he will have more episodes and to not get rid of medication. Right now we are just thankful . I pray your son will get some satisfaction with his situation so he can get back to his normal life.


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