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Pacemaker moved

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I’ve had my pacemaker almost 11 months, the last few months I’ve been getting lots of discomfort and sometimes it’s very painful around my pacemaker . I’m seeing my cardiologist Tuesday about this problem, tonight it feels like it’s got closer to the surface as it looks and feels more prominent . Has anyone experienced this , if so what was the outcome ?

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How are you feeling today? I hope the appointment went well and they were able to offer you some advice? if you need any support or information, please do not hesitate to contact our Patient Services Team

My appointment went well , I’m fully recovered from pericarditis and the effusion I had that was caused after I had my pacemaker fitted and a lead dislodged putting a hole in my heart . No long term damage has been caused so that’s a huge relief . My cardiologist said as I get pain everyday from my pacemaker he can’t leave it as I’ll have this one for another 6/7 years so I’ll go to have it repositioned in February as I wanted to wait until after Christmas . Thank you for your reply .

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Thank you for your reply and I am pleased to hear you are fully recovered. You know where we are if you need any support, in the meantime, take care and hope all goes well with the repositioning procedure.

Thank you , I know it’s a few months away to the procedure but I’m already very apprehensive about it after how unwell I was after having it fitted.

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It is completely natural to feel anxious, if you would like any support or information nearer the time, please do not hesitate to contact the Patient Services Team, we are very happy to help

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