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Eptprice heartbeats

Hi I'm new to this group. I am in my 60s and have had irregular Heart beats for the last 3 years or more. They have started getting more frequent lately and I can't work out what triggers them. I am aware of my heart thumping irregularly in my chest and have ectopic beats which really thump. The Dr says if there is no pain or breathlessness then don't worry!! I think they are making me panic a bit which of course makes it worse !! Any suggestions on how to cope with them ?

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The doctor could probably be right but I think at the very least should be sending you for a 24 hour heart monitor recording and ecg .

That would hopefully rule out any other issues and put your mind at rest .

Anxiety due to palpitations can increase their frequency and hopefully having a few investigations might calm things down

Good luck


I am 61 and My ectopic beats occurred after a run of 2 or more PVC's and had been have them for 20 years before I saw a EP. These would make me lay awake sometimes. My EP would not do anything about the PVC's / Ectopic beats until they are happening about 20% of the time (18,000 to 20,000 per day). For two reasons, once that level is reached it can cause other problems, and makes it easier to find during ablation procedure also insurance will not pay until they have tried medications and the load on the heart is high.

There are medications that can stop or lower the freq. You may want to ask your EP about flecainide and sotalol. I had a ablation procedure because these medication slowed my heart to much.

I still have some rhythm issues but happen due to triggers. I still have to control my emotions and eat right. My triggers are adrenaline, some foods and ibuprofen. All of these make my potassium and magnesium go low. So I eat a diet high in potassium and magnesium and that helps. Strawberries(high in potassium and magnesium) have been great help for me.

Ask your doctors about your feelings of panic, I know the feeling. That helps when you explain your feelings, they are not fun to living with and tend to make thing worst (more PVC's/ Ectopics).

Hope you find help soon, and hope I helped.


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