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I am writing as the carer for my wife, she is 74 years old and had no history of heart problems until three months ago when she complained of a chest infection and finished up in ICU. The diagnosis was Atrial Fibrillation a new world for us. Now she is on medication which is being reviewed bi weekly, she suffers a lot from sporadic cramp in left leg, low blood pressure and shortage of breath. The cardiologist and her doctor recommended cardioversion but she is reluctant to have it having seen too much television. Any comments please.

For myself I am a member of the esophagus community having had Ivor Lewis 6 years ago. 

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Seriously a cardioversion is no big deal.  I have had two - one under sedation and one under general anaesthetic.  Knew nothing about it either time.


I had a ICD fitted 8 weeks ago at the Harefield. Best thing that has happened to me as now I feel safer. If any thing goes wrong I have support to do something about it. Gives me peace of mind and I recommend it. From a person who hates the idea of hospitals and surgery.


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