Any other mountain bikers?

Any other mountain bikers?

It was after starting mountain biking that I developed arrhythmias. I think that sport is unique in that we push those last few pedal strokes to make it up a hill...otherwise, you are off the bike and walking. So push we do!! That "redlining" combined with nighttime bradycardia (resting heart rate sometimes as low as 41) is what pushed my poor little heart too hard. Any similar experiences? How about post ablation? Anyone still riding? I have been doing a lot of shuttling up to the top and riding essentially all downhill!

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  • I've enjoyed physical exercise all my life but have been limited by palpitations in the past. In discussion with my Electrophysiologist he explained that my SVT was not caused by exertion but was as a result of a 'short circuit' that I was born with (not to be confused with WPW) . My palpitations were usually brought on by physical exercise which was causing huge frustration, particularly in the middle of a game of netball! I had an ablation in March this year (at the age of 36) and, luckily, have not experienced a palpitation since, even when I am exerting myself to the 'redline'. From my own personal experience the ablation has been a success and a better alternative to beta blockers. However, I appreciate that not everyone has been as fortunate and some people have posted negative experiences of ablation on this site. I would advise you to discuss the pros and cons with your family and medical professionals. I believe that it is worth considering if it is having a negative impact on your life, including your ability to participate in exercise. Good luck!

  • Thank you so much for your reply. I am actually ten days out from having an ablation for atrial flutter, all only on the right atria. The EP did induce A fib when my heart rate was stimulated to over 360 bpm. At this point, I am still having a lot of palpitations but my doctor assures me this is normal at this stage.

    As a fellow exerciser, do you recall how you eased back into it? The advise to "rest" right afterwards makes a lot of sense, of course, but I have not gotten much advise from my EP about transitioning and retraining my heart post ablation. I have a heart rate monitor and intend to use it in the future, but right now I am limiting myself to walking up the stairs in my normal daily life, and doing that slowly, I might add. What did you do post ablation? I realize everyone is different and I certainly always first listen to the doctor, but would appreciate hearing from a fellow exerciser too.

  • Good news that it was on the right atria - easier access and hopefully a quicker recovery. I took it easy for the first 6 weeks after the ablation e.g normal physical action of walking / climbing stairs but no strenuous exercise. I was very aware of any ectopic beats following the procedure leaving me feeling that sensation of 'dread' on a regular basis. I didn't really start getting back into proper exercise until after this period of rest. When I returned to exercise I had to start trusting my heart in anticipation of my usual palpitation. This was more of a psychological battle as I slowly rebuild my fitness. As much as I feared the return of SVT I have not, 'touch wood', experienced it since the ablation. I hope you have a successful recovery. Remember - give yourself at least a month off then slowly rebuild as you would do after any extended period out of exercise. Good luck canyon sister!

  • Thank you! Yes, this is so much a psychological game...even that funny feeling in my throat that I presume is odd electrical activity that doesn't propagate and result in a true ectopic gets me worried! I can certainly live with a month of no significant activity if it means a better long term outcome!

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