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Arrhythmia Alliance Patient Services – An Introduction

Are you aware that as well as facilitating this forum, Arrhythmia Alliance can offer you individual advice and information regarding arrhythmias? I would like to reiterate to everyone who has been living with arrhythmias, whether newly diagnosed or even if you have had an arrhythmia for a long period of time that further support is available.

My name is Vicki and I’m the Patient Services Specialist for Arrhythmia Alliance. If you have any questions or concerns you can call me on 01789 867501 or email me via vicki@heartrhythmalliance.org

Please also visit our website: heartrhythmcharity.org.uk where there is a wealth of information and guidance in the form of our patient information booklets and factsheets.

For regular updates please visit: facebook.com/ArrhythmiaAlli... or to receive monthly e-bulletins, our bi-annual newsletter and discounted entry to Patients Day, please go to: heartrhythmcharity.org.uk/w... to become a Friend of Arrhythmia Alliance.

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