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Should I have had a pacemaker sooner

I was going through some old cardiology letters and wondered at this one from before I knew as much about my condition as now.

"He had a 24 hour tape which showed that he was in AF throughout with salvo, triplets, couplets and ventricular ectopics with a few pauses, longest at 2.76 seconds"

She them wrongly said that I did not have any presyncope although I had told her otherwise and that I had breathlessness that I had not. She then arranged for a cardioversion.

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Sounds about right! When I got copies of my file letters they were full of misinformation. The advice I was given was to challenge them and write in to get them corrected....particularly if important information is incorrectly conveyed.

It might matter if you ever need to challenge the information or it is relied on for accuracy going forward.


When I had an assessment prior to an earlier surgery the doctor doing it said to the student with her that the standard of note taking at this hospital leaves a lot to be desired.


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